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Long Island Architect Draftsman specializes in Drafting plans for New Homes, Second Story Additions, Dormers, Extensions, Finished Basements, Mother Daughter, Senior Suite, Accessory Apartment, Garage Conversions, Decks, Patios, Porches, Sunrooms, Expanded Driveways and Legalizing Existing Conditions.


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Are you thinking about expanding your existing residence versus moving to a new larger home?

If you love your neighborhood, the schools, and the venues, you may not be eager to move. Instead, you may be considering expanding your home’s first floor or building up to create a second floor. Here at Long Island Architect Draftsman, we’ve worked on over 5000 home addition projects and we’re going to share our wisdom to help you determine whether it’s best to build out or build up.

Do You Move Or Renovate?

Your decision to move to a new larger home or renovate your existing home by increasing the square footage will primarily depend on how well you like your current area. If the neighborhood is in an inconvenient location to shopping, dining, and schools or the safety has decreased over the last couple of years, your best option may be to move in order to find a better area. However, if you are happy in your neighborhood there may be few reasons to leave.

Another factor is the cost to move versus the cost to stay. It is estimated that it can take up to seven years to recoup the money when you move. If you don’t plan to stay in your new home for at least seven years, you may want to consider building onto your existing home rather than moving. After all, you can build any room you desire or you can bump out existing exterior walls to create more space in your rooms. Common reasons to bump out the rear wall of a home include adding more kitchen and dining room space or increasing the size of a family room

At our initial meeting, you can convey your ideas to the Long Island Architect Draftsman team and we can provide feedback and suggestions. Most people ask us 'how can I tell you what I am thinking", the easiest way is to print what you like from the internet or home magazines.

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Are You Tired Of Living On
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Commercial Projects

Long Island Architect Draftsman specializes in commercial renovations and extensions on Long Island. Whether It’s a simple tenet change to a major change of use. Long Island Architect Draftsman has an in-house Long Island Expediter that files for permits, variances, planning board, site plan review board, Nassau and Suffolk county fire marshals (mixing and spray booths). We are knowledgeable in site plans showing irrigation, landscaping, drainage, and parking calculations.

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Long Island Architect Draftsman is located in Nassau County New York. We have a diversified experience in residential home designs and enthusiasm for being creative and listening to our client's needs and budget.

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